Sunday, 24 April 2011

Doctor Who Series Premiere!

Yesterday, April 23, was the premiere for Series 6 of Doctor Who!

River Song, Rory, the Doctor, and Amy--used Courtesy of the BBC America website
My family and I made Jammie Dodgers and fish custard (fish sticks dipped in custard)

and decorated the table as the TARDIS.

At 8:00, we started watching the Impossible Astronaut. It was fantastic!! The new aliens (who may or may not be the Silence) are among the scariest of Doctor Who. The acting was brilliant, as always, and River Song's presence kept the questions coming. Next week, the Day of the Moon (The resolution for the opener) will air!

The Doctor: I'm up here being clever and NONE of you are up there looking impressed, so what is the point of you all being here?
~The Impossible Astronaut


  1. It definitely was good! I can't wait!!!

  2. WOW! Your family must love Doctor Who!

  3. We do!! It's fun to have a show we all like.