Wednesday, 31 August 2011

TV Trailer for Night Terrors

The TV Trailer for Night Terrors, written by Mark Gatiss.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More on Night Terrors

For The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex we've gotten a synopsis, quote, and some teasers. Now the same for Night Terrors.

The Doctor follows a cry for help to an ordinary-looking housing estate on Earth. A little boy is scared of the dark. And of the monsters in his cupboard. And of baths, old toys and dusty dolls houses. And of the wheezing old lift next to his room, the witchy old woman across the way, and the gruff landlord pressuring his dad for this month’s rent. He’s scared of everything. And if the Doctor doesn’t save him from his fears, it could mean the end for Amy, Rory, and every human being on the estate…
RORY: [glancing at the psychic paper] ‘”Please… save me from the monsters.’ Who sent that?”
THE DOCTOR: “That’s what we’re here to find out.”
AMY: “Sounds like something a kid would say.”
THE DOCTOR: “Exactly. A scared kid. A very scared kid. So scared that somehow its cry for help got through to us. In the TARDIS.”
  • George’s mum and dad, Alex and Claire (Daniel Mays and Emma Cunniffe) tell him to put everything he’s scared of in his bedroom cupboard and shut the door…
  • …All is fine until the Doctor opens it
  • Amy and Rory are separated from the Doctor soon after arriving on the estate…
  • …They find themselves in a mysterious abandoned house with creatures waiting in the shadows

Monday, 29 August 2011

Promo Pictures for Night Terrors

Some promotional pictures have been released by the BBC for Night Terrors by Mark Gatiss. The episode will air on September 3.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dreams Don't Turn to Dust Music Video

I've made yet again another Owl City/Doctor Who video, set to Dreams Don't Turn to Dust. I'm almost finished with another video set to We are Broken by Paramore, and that will be posted tomorrow. I am also taking video requests. Enjoy!

Teasers for Night Terrors

Some teasers for Night Terrors by Mark Gatiss have been released by CultBox.

- ‘Fear Her’, ‘The Eleventh Hour’, ‘The Beast Below’ and ‘Amy's Choice’ are all evoked here.
- Seriously? Did Rory just do that thing he does, again?
- Gatiss returns to a film reference he used in The League of Gentlemen.
- The Doctor loves a Sontaran story.
- A scene from ‘Rose’ is almost repeated.
- Rory thinks that The Doctor is in a long-running UK soap.
- A non-television Doctor Who story is directly referenced.
- Something that happened to Amy and Rory in ‘Let's Kill Hitler’ happens to them again.
- A flaw in the Sonic Screwdriver appears again.
- Is The Doctor thinking about ‘The Greatest Show In The Galaxy’?

And some quotes:

- "Please save me from the monsters."
- "Planets, history and stuff - that's what we do!"
- "Maybe we should let the monsters gobble him up?"
- "The TARDIS has gone funny again, some time-slippy thing."
- "When I was your age - ooh, about 1,000 years ago - I loved a bedtime story."
- "I'm not as daft as I look. In fact, I'm not daft at all."
- "Off the scale... off the scale... off the scale..."
- "Bergerac? God help us!"
- "You see these eyes, they're old eyes."
- "What is it with these photos?" 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Night Terror's Trailer

Let's Kill Hitler has aired, making a fantastic start to the second half of Series 6.
Next week is Night Terrors, by Mark Gatiss.

The synopsis:

The Doctor receives a distress call from the scariest place in the Universe: a child’s bedroom. Every night George lies awake, terrorised by every fear you can possibly imagine – fears that live in his bedroom cupboard. His parents are getting desperate – George needs a doctor. Fortunately for George, his desperate pleas for help break through the barriers of all time and space and the Doctor makes a house call. But allaying his fears won’t be easy; because George’s monsters are real.

The Hidden Messages are Back!

During the first half of Series 6, the official website was running a feature of hidden messages in the Fourth Dimension, a collection of facts about the episode. Well, they're back for part 2.

Here's the message for Let's Kill Hitler:

“When reason slept
When mothers wept
When soldiers crept
The monsters came”

Look for updates on whether this feature will continue throughout part 2.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Pictures from Closing Time

A Doctor Who TV user has shared some images from episode 12, Closing Time, which will feature James Corden as Craig.

More here.

More Details for The God Complex

We've gotten a summary, quote, and details for The Girl Who Waited, and now we get the same for The God Complex, written by Toby Whithouse.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory are on their way to Ravan-Skala. Legend has it that the people there are 600-feet tall. But then the TARDIS is yanked off course and drops them off in an ordinary – albeit deserted – hotel instead. “How can you be excited about a rubbish hotel on a rubbish bit of Earth?”asks Amy. But this hotel isn’t as ordinary or as empty as it first appears…
There’s a room packed with party balloons. In another, a gorilla uses the en suite bathroom. There are clowns. And Weeping Angels. All manner of nightmares stalk the corridors. And it isn’t even a hotel. It’s just been made to look like one. But who would mock-up an Earth hotel? “You’re going to die here,” the guests are told. “Well, they certainly didn’t mention that in the brochure,” replies the Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: “You’ve been here two days. What’s ‘He’ waiting for?”
JOE: “We weren’t ready. We were still raw.”
THE DOCTOR: “But now you’re what? Cooked?”
JOE: “If you like. And soon you will be, too. Be patient. First, find your room.”
THE DOCTOR: “My room?”
JOE: “There’s a room here for everyone, Doctor. Even you. And in it is the very worst thing in the galaxy.”
Could this be his room?
More details:
  • The inspiration for the episode came from the classic myth of the Minotaur in the labyrinth
  • In the episode, tributes are being made to “some strange god”
  • It’s all about people’s beliefs and fears
  • Compared to classic horror film The Shining
  • Conversations have already been had about writer Toby Whithouse returning

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Diamond Planet Discovered

It seems astronomers have discovered a new made of diamonds. Lying close to 4,000 light years away, this planet is slightly larger in mass than Jupiter.

But some of you may be thinking, "Wait. A planet made of diamonds..."

The planet Midnight, bathed in X-Tonic sunlight
And this may not be good news, if the star this planet is orbiting happens to be X-tonic. For if you think back to the series 4 episode of Doctor Who, Midnight, you should also remember the strange entity that dwelt there.

Repeating. Catching up. Becoming.

However, there (should be) no need to fear, as the sun this planet orbits is a neutron star. So don't be afraid. So don't be afraid.

Source (Thanks to Shena Tokala for sharing about the discovery of the new planet)

Death is the Only Answer--Mini-episode

A while back, there was a competition called Script to Screen, where British school-aged children could submit a script to be brought to life by Matt Smith as the Doctor, as well as being able to witness first-hand all the steps that went into making the mini-episode. Well, a winner has been chosen, and the resulting mini-episode will be shown on BBC3 this Autumn.

More details follow:
The bonus episode, Death Is The Only Answer, has been confirmed as fans of the show eagerly await the start of the new Doctor Who series. The three-minute spin off has been specially written by children from a school in Basingstoke after they entered a BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential competition earlier this year.
The journey of how their mini-adventure goes from script to screen will be documented on Doctor Who Confidential, BBC Three, from Saturday 27 August at 8pm with the winning episode shown on Saturday 1 October. Details of the script, are a closely guarded secret but it includes a well known historical figure and a fez!
The pupils, from Oakley CE Junior School, travelled to the BBC Studios in Cardiff for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see their script brought to life by the Doctor Who team and cast. The ultimate prize was getting to meet the Doctor himself, Matt Smith.
After meeting the pupils and filming the episode Matt Smith said: “It was so clever, we were all just bowled over, it was a brilliant script.”
Doctor Who Confidential was there to record the meeting and show how Oakley Junior School’s script was developed from paper to television screen – from the first script meeting, a cast read-through, on-set filming all the way to the final edit.
They entered the BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential Script to Screen competition launched in April. It was aimed at Upper Primary school pupils (1) and involved them writing a three-minute script that takes the resident Time Lord on a new quest travelling through space and time inside the TARDIS.
The competition encouraged children to be as creative and imaginative as possible, to put together a story filled with all the excitement and adventure of the popular BBC One sci-fi drama. The action-packed script had to feature Matt Smith and could include one of four fearsome monsters from the show: Ood, Judoon, Cyberman or Weeping Angel, as well as a brand-new human character to test the wits of the Doctor.
Viewers will have to wait and see which monster and human the pupils chose to include.
Year Six teacher Kevin Downing, from Oakley Junior School, said the pupils involved in the project were over the moon at winning: “Getting the call to say the pupils were on the shortlist of ten was an unbelievable moment – the thought that Steven Moffat himself would be reading their script! As for winning, it was the experience of a lifetime and one we’ll never forget.”
BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential were overwhelmed by the response to the competition with 290,000 downloads of the online teaching resources. Teachers reported that the competition proved a very good tool for teaching literacy and writing skills.
Steven Moffat, Head Writer at Doctor Who, said: “I loved the shortlisted scripts, there was so much skill and enthusiasm on display that it was actually genuinely, very, very difficult to judge. There was some really, really skilled writing, it was very exciting how they caught the voice of the Doctor and how they used the always stringent limitations of Doctor Who to their advantage.
“I come from a family of teachers, I was a teacher, my father’s a teacher, my sister’s a teacher. We go back teacher generations so it’s hard wired for me to want the approval of teachers, so I’m very, very thrilled that its gone down so well with the schools that took part.”
The winning script was chosen by Steven Moffat; Controller of BBC Learning, Saul Nassé; and executive producers of Doctor Who, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis.
Controller of BBC Learning, Saul Nassé, said: “We’ve been delighted by the response from schools to the competition. We really wanted to motivate children to learn new writing skills and create the next generation of storytellers. Schools have really engaged in the competition and the standard of the writing has shown us that there is a wealth of talent out there which we have been able to tap into and hopefully encourage in the future. It’s a great example of a really popular BBC show inspiring people do something truly educational.”
Specially recorded video challenges from the main cast, lesson plans and sample scripts were just a few of the tailored primary resources available on the BBC Learning website to help guide teachers and pupils through the process.
 Hopefully this will be available online for fans outside of the UK.

Offical Synopsis for The Girl Who Waited

The official synopsis has been released for episode 10, written by Tom MacRae. We already got a few details and a quote on this episode, which can be viewed here. Among these is the fact that this will be a Doctor-lite episode.

Amy is trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague – a plague that will kill the Doctor in a day – as the time-travelling drama continues. The Doctor can use the TARDIS to smash through time and break in, but then Rory is on his own. He must find Amy and bring her back to the TARDIS before the alien doctors can administer their medicine. Rory is about to encounter a very different side to his wife. Can he rescue Amy before she is killed by kindness?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summary for The Girl Who Waited

Doctor Who Magazine has revealed the summary for episode 10, The Girl Who Waited, written by Tom MacRae.

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a relaxing break on Apalapucia, not realising that the planet is ravaged by a deadly disease – one that threatens even the life of the Doctor himself. But that’s not the biggest problem: Amy’s gone and got herself trapped in a very unusual hospital. How long will she have to wait before the Doctor comes back for her this time?

A quote was also given:

AMY: Apalapucia. What a beautiful word.
THE DOCTOR: Beautiful word, beautiful world. Apalapucia – voted number two planet in the top ten greatest destinations for the discerning intergalactic traveller.
RORY: Why couldn’t we go to number one?
THE DOCTOR: Everyone goes to number one. It’s hideous. Planet of the coffee shops.

And a few plot details:
  • This is the ‘Doctor-lite episode’…
  • …though it won’t seem like it because the Doctor is always present in some way
  • The draft of the story was very ‘timey wimey’, but it got toned down
  • It takes place in an alien healthcare clinic called the Twostreams facility
  • Amy gets separated from the Doctor and Rory
  • The facility is set up to care for sufferers of a disease know as Chen7
  • Chen7 only affects beings with two hearts…
  • …so The Doctor is confined to the TARDIS
  • Rory gets some specs through which the Doctor can watch and communicate through
  • The Handbots are well meaning, but deadly hospital robots …
  • …They are determined to inject Amy with medicine which would kill any human

    Tuesday, 23 August 2011

    Matt Smith on Series 6 and beyond

    Digital Spy interviewed Matt Smith before the approaching return of Doctor Who. Here are some highlights:

    What can you tell us about ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’?
    “It starts with a young Amy and Rory, and eventually the Doctor arrives and they’re older at that point. Then for some reason we’re in Germany in the 40s and we stumble across Alex Kingston, River Song. I won’t tell you how or why she appears, but it’s great Doctor Who. And then of course this creature called the Tesselecta comes in and adds the dynamic of the monster, as it were. But underneath all that the Doctor’s dying – again! But Steven manages to reinvent that notion all the time. I just think he was on top form when he wrote it, really.” 

    What can you tell us about the Tesselecta?
    “Have you seen Terminator 2? The Tesselecta has that sort of wonderful ability, and it’s a monster operated by tiny miniaturised people inside. It’s a cracker. It’s a real cracker. Again, [that's] Steven’s mad and brilliant mind. Basically it’s sort of like a universal policeman and goes round the universe catching criminals. Hitler is a criminal guilty of war crimes so the Tesselecta can come and it can impersonate his chief of staff or whatever and pop him off or take him in or imprison him. So you can imagine what happens when the Tesselecta meets River Song, and the Doctor for that matter. So it’s trying to reprimand Hitler.” 

    What can you tell us about what’s coming up in future episodes?
    “The whole River story really gets explored in episode eight. Episode nine, we’ve got Danny Mays and some crazy really freaky dolls. We find ourselves trapped in a dollhouse, which is a really clever idea. [Episode] 10 is Amy Pond in a Tom McRae story, where I think Karen gives her finest performance of the episodes so far – she’s spellbindingly good in it. Episode 11 is brilliant – David Walliams, there’s a minotaur, and it’s a mad Toby Whithouse story. It feels like The Shining or something. [In episode] 12 we’ve got James [Corden] back on fine form again. I want to get him back again next year because I love working with him and I think Craig is a great character for the Doctor to play off – a less funny version of Laurel and Hardy! And then 13 is, to my mind, kind of Steven being totally brilliant and mad and telling the story like a feature film sprawling through time. I have to add that you ask me these questions and this is only my opinion – I could be completely wrong!” 

    How will the Doctor's relationship with River change now that he knows who she is?
    "I don't know! I guess that depends on Steven. I think fundamentally it's kind of always going to be the same because she's always going to just frighten and allure him at the same time. He's going to go back and meet the River he knows at some point. She's still going to be crazy old irreverent River, so I imagine it'll have the same flavor. Who knows - it could go in a million directions. I have no idea where Steven wants to take it, but I'd like to think she'll still be the one that makes him come unstuck."

    Where will Amy and Rory be at the end of the year? Assuming that if they’re reunited with their kid they can’t really be time travellers, is this it for them?
    “No, I don’t think it’ll be the end. I don’t think so. I mean, all good things come to an end but I don’t know if now’s the time. I think they’ll be back.” 

    What do you make of comments from some critics who have said the show is too hard to understand?
    "You can't dumb it down for the critics! There goes my good review... My response is that it's like The Simpsons. The Simpsons can be received on many levels - it's the same for Doctor Who. People say it's too scary for kids - no it's not. Kids should feel afraid of Doctor Who. All the adults I've talked to remember fondly being afraid when they were kids. That's part of the reason they remember it and love it. And if you're afraid in a controlled way, you sort of appreciate fear in some respect. Is it too complicated? I mean, it's only as complicated as you choose to invest, I think. 

    Have you seen the script for the Christmas special yet?
    “No! But I know what it’s about. It’s a bit crappy because I can’t tell you anything, but I went for dinner with Steven and he told me the first two episodes of next season and I nearly fell off my chair. Honestly, it’s so brilliant, it’s such a clever idea that I was like, ‘Well…’ But we talked a lot about the special then. I love the Christmas special – it’s one of my favourite ones to make. It’s got a clever idea. I don’t know where he gets it.”

    Do you know the number of episodes you’ve got next year?
    “I’ll shoot 14. it’ll be the whole thing – a Christmas special and yeah, a 13-episode series.” 

    And you’ll be in the TARDIS for the 50th Anniversary, is that right?
    “I think so, as I’m led to believe. Especially now being involved and being a fan of Doctor Who – I’ll be a lifelong fan of it – to be involved in a show… You look at the celebrations for Coronation Street – it was huge, wasn’t it? And I think Doctor Who has a similar place and is an institution in similar ways and all the rest of it, and to be a part of it is just a real privilege.”

    Monday, 22 August 2011

    Steven Moffat on Episode 9 and 10

    Steven Moffat has given very high praise to The Girl Who Waited, written by Tom MacRae, who’s other work in Doctor Who includes Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel.

    Moffat on the episode: 

    “I’m going to boast now and say that Tom MacRae’s stylish and moving script is one of the best uses of time travel in any story anywhere.” He says. “Mind-blowing and heart-breaking in every twist and turn. The Doctor has been in Amy and Rory’s life for a long while now—far longer than he ever intended. What if something were to go wrong? When they step from the Tardis into a strange white waiting room, they’re all about to learn just how wrong time travel can go…”

    He also talks about Night Terrors, written by Mark Gatiss:

    “It began with Mark Gatiss and me chatting on the set of Sherlock. “I’d like to do scary,” he said. ‘Do you know where the scariest place in the universe is?’ I’ve known Mark for a while. If he’s decided to tell me where the scariest place in the universe is, I’d better listen. “Where?” I quavered from behind my rapid-deployment Doctor Who fear sofa. “A child’s bedroom” he answered. “Parents of Britain—sorry, and good luck!”

    Thanks to The Whoniverse Blog for the heads-up

    Title for Episode 13 is not The Wedding

    A few days ago, the Daily Star speculated that the title for episode 13 would be The Wedding. It has been confirmed that this is not the case:

    From their Twitter account: “The six stories are called Let’s Kill Hitler; Night Terrors; The Girl Who Waited; The God Complex; Closing Time; and something so secret we’re not allowed to say what it is yet. Sorry. It’s 5 words….”

    It has been rumoured that the title will be announced tomorrow as The Wedding of River Song, will. This fits the five-word mark, although it is still unconfirmed.

    Sunday, 21 August 2011

    Quotes from Let's Kill Hitler

    Here are some quotes from Let's Kill Hitler:

    Now loop the loop.

    Doctor very lost.

    I've been hiding for hours.

    Anyone can tell it was a clever lie!

    Prepare for tesselation.

     We need to go later in his time-stream.

    You see? Time travel, never goes to plan.

    That blue box? We've got a match.

    Let's get married.

    Took me years to find you two.

    Demons Run, remember?

    I'm not Amelia Pond.

    Let's Kill Hitler airs this Saturday.
    Thanks to Time Dragon in the Vortex for the heads-up.

    Saturday, 20 August 2011

    The Real World Doctor Who video

    Another video I made set to Owl City...I will make videos set to other artists, but not yet. :) Along this line, I will be taking requests for videos. My other videos can be viewed at TheTardisTraveler10.

    Title for Episode 12 Confirmed

    BBC America has confirmed that the title of episode 12 will be called Closing Time, as predicted by the Daily Star. The episode, written by Gareth Roberts, will most likely be a companion-lite episode as was the last episode featuring James Corden as Craig.

    James Corden and Matt Smith in The Lodger
    The Daily Star article stating this episode would be called Closing Time also predicted episode thirteen would be called The Wedding. This is yet to be confirmed.

    Clips from River Runs Wild: Doctor Who Confidential

    Doctor Who Confidential is an inside look at Doctor Who that airs after the episodes on BBC3 and on the DVD boxsets.

    Details from the BBC: Stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill and executive producer Steven Moffat provide an insight into the making of the opening episode of the second half of series six. The programme goes backstage to see the show’s reconstruction of 1930s Berlin, and the cast and crew bring to life a mini-episode written by schoolchildren.

    Clip One: Arther Darvill in Hitler's office

    Clip Two: K.Gill interviews Mr Matt Smith and The Arthur Darvill

    Fan-Vid Friday (3)

    Again, sorry for the late feature, but here it is:

    Song: Mr. Pond by Chameleon Circut
    Video by RazerTheTechDragon

    Friday, 19 August 2011

    Doctor Who insider

    BBC America has released an inside look at Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler. Watch it below:

    Rory Pond Appreciation Blog

    I've become a contributor to a  blog dedicated to Rory Pond, The Rory Pond Appreciation Blog, along with RazerTheTechDragon, RandomWho, GoodGum, and DoctorWhoDragon. The link is above!

    Thursday, 18 August 2011

    Summary for Night Terrors

    The BBC press office has released a summary for episode 9, Night Terrors. The episode is written by Mark Gatiss.

    The Doctor receives a distress call from the scariest place in the Universe: a child's bedroom, as the time-travelling drama continues.  

    Every night George lies awake, terrorised by every fear you can possibly imagine – fears that live in his bedroom cupboard. His parents are getting desperate – George needs a doctor.  

    Fortunately for George, his desperate pleas for help break through the barriers of all time and space and the Doctor makes a house call. But allaying his fears won't be easy; because George's monsters are real.

    The Radio Times on what to expect:

    A little boy called George is terrified of something lurking in his bedroom cupboard…
    The Doctor receives a strange letter, begging "Help me"…
    And so begins Night Terrors, episode nine of the current Doctor Who series (which returns from hiatus on Saturday 27 August with episode eight, Let’s Kill Hitler)
    Written by Mark Gatiss, it sounds like being an eerie, scary tale and (as you might expect from the man who presented BBC4 documentary series A History of Horror) it employs a reliable staple of supernatural movies - toys coming to life.
    The creepy Peg Dolls – until now, heralded only by a brief appearance in the series six trailer (below) - are dead-eyed, implacable and relentless.
    But what do they want with young George?
    Daniel Mays (last seen in Outcasts and Ashes to Ashes) plays worried dad Alex, who teams up with the Doctor to help battle his son George's demons. But not before Rory and Amy find themselves miniaturised and sucked into the strange doll's house in George's cupboard.
    What else can the Doctor and Alex do but follow them inside...?
     Thanks to The Whoniverse Blog for the heads up.

    Wednesday, 17 August 2011

    More Promo Pictures

    There are a lot of promotional pictures, aren't there? Here are some more:

    Let's Kill Hitler Clips

    Two clips for Let's Kill Hitler have been released by the BBC.

    Karen Gillan on Part 2

    Karen Gillan talks about what's to come in the second half of Series 6.

    New Promo Pictures for Part 2

    More promotional pictures have been released.