Thursday, 25 August 2011

Diamond Planet Discovered

It seems astronomers have discovered a new made of diamonds. Lying close to 4,000 light years away, this planet is slightly larger in mass than Jupiter.

But some of you may be thinking, "Wait. A planet made of diamonds..."

The planet Midnight, bathed in X-Tonic sunlight
And this may not be good news, if the star this planet is orbiting happens to be X-tonic. For if you think back to the series 4 episode of Doctor Who, Midnight, you should also remember the strange entity that dwelt there.

Repeating. Catching up. Becoming.

However, there (should be) no need to fear, as the sun this planet orbits is a neutron star. So don't be afraid. So don't be afraid.

Source (Thanks to Shena Tokala for sharing about the discovery of the new planet)

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