Monday, 22 August 2011

Steven Moffat on Episode 9 and 10

Steven Moffat has given very high praise to The Girl Who Waited, written by Tom MacRae, who’s other work in Doctor Who includes Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel.

Moffat on the episode: 

“I’m going to boast now and say that Tom MacRae’s stylish and moving script is one of the best uses of time travel in any story anywhere.” He says. “Mind-blowing and heart-breaking in every twist and turn. The Doctor has been in Amy and Rory’s life for a long while now—far longer than he ever intended. What if something were to go wrong? When they step from the Tardis into a strange white waiting room, they’re all about to learn just how wrong time travel can go…”

He also talks about Night Terrors, written by Mark Gatiss:

“It began with Mark Gatiss and me chatting on the set of Sherlock. “I’d like to do scary,” he said. ‘Do you know where the scariest place in the universe is?’ I’ve known Mark for a while. If he’s decided to tell me where the scariest place in the universe is, I’d better listen. “Where?” I quavered from behind my rapid-deployment Doctor Who fear sofa. “A child’s bedroom” he answered. “Parents of Britain—sorry, and good luck!”

Thanks to The Whoniverse Blog for the heads-up

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