Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More on Night Terrors

For The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex we've gotten a synopsis, quote, and some teasers. Now the same for Night Terrors.

The Doctor follows a cry for help to an ordinary-looking housing estate on Earth. A little boy is scared of the dark. And of the monsters in his cupboard. And of baths, old toys and dusty dolls houses. And of the wheezing old lift next to his room, the witchy old woman across the way, and the gruff landlord pressuring his dad for this month’s rent. He’s scared of everything. And if the Doctor doesn’t save him from his fears, it could mean the end for Amy, Rory, and every human being on the estate…
RORY: [glancing at the psychic paper] ‘”Please… save me from the monsters.’ Who sent that?”
THE DOCTOR: “That’s what we’re here to find out.”
AMY: “Sounds like something a kid would say.”
THE DOCTOR: “Exactly. A scared kid. A very scared kid. So scared that somehow its cry for help got through to us. In the TARDIS.”
  • George’s mum and dad, Alex and Claire (Daniel Mays and Emma Cunniffe) tell him to put everything he’s scared of in his bedroom cupboard and shut the door…
  • …All is fine until the Doctor opens it
  • Amy and Rory are separated from the Doctor soon after arriving on the estate…
  • …They find themselves in a mysterious abandoned house with creatures waiting in the shadows

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