Tuesday, 9 August 2011

No Ponds for Series 7?

Although Karen Gilllan said Amy Pond would be returning for the next series, word has come that she and Rory may be leaving the TARDIS for Series 7.

A 'source' told the Daily Star: “There are going to be a lot of tears in the finale. The Doctor will set off in the TARDIS for his next adventure on his own. Amy and Rory will be reunited with their baby Melody Pond and they make a decision to stay on Earth to settle down as a family.” The source added: “TV bosses are aware the couple have been popular so this won’t be the last you see of them.”

As Arthur Davrill is staring in the play Doctor Faustus, this could be true. As for Karen's statement, she could mean she'll be back for more episodes, not a complete series.

Despite all the rumours, everything concerning the return of the Ponds is still unconfirmed.


  1. I don't want Amy to go! I don't mind if Rory does though I've never been a fan.