Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summary for The Girl Who Waited

Doctor Who Magazine has revealed the summary for episode 10, The Girl Who Waited, written by Tom MacRae.

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a relaxing break on Apalapucia, not realising that the planet is ravaged by a deadly disease – one that threatens even the life of the Doctor himself. But that’s not the biggest problem: Amy’s gone and got herself trapped in a very unusual hospital. How long will she have to wait before the Doctor comes back for her this time?

A quote was also given:

AMY: Apalapucia. What a beautiful word.
THE DOCTOR: Beautiful word, beautiful world. Apalapucia – voted number two planet in the top ten greatest destinations for the discerning intergalactic traveller.
RORY: Why couldn’t we go to number one?
THE DOCTOR: Everyone goes to number one. It’s hideous. Planet of the coffee shops.

And a few plot details:
  • This is the ‘Doctor-lite episode’…
  • …though it won’t seem like it because the Doctor is always present in some way
  • The draft of the story was very ‘timey wimey’, but it got toned down
  • It takes place in an alien healthcare clinic called the Twostreams facility
  • Amy gets separated from the Doctor and Rory
  • The facility is set up to care for sufferers of a disease know as Chen7
  • Chen7 only affects beings with two hearts…
  • …so The Doctor is confined to the TARDIS
  • Rory gets some specs through which the Doctor can watch and communicate through
  • The Handbots are well meaning, but deadly hospital robots …
  • …They are determined to inject Amy with medicine which would kill any human


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