Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekly Whoniverse

Weekly Whoniverse is a round-up of interesting, strange, and cool Doctor Who information and media from around the web. This week we have a TARDIS sewing kit, Evolution of the Daleks, River Song figure, and the Master's Secret Weapon.

The sewing kit: a wooden model of the TARDIS that doubles as a sewing kit. The top is removable, and the walls open to show sewing supplies, backed with TARDIS-esque fabric. There are even pins made to look like Rose, the Doctor, an Adipose, and another character I can't make out.

 And here we have the real evolution of the Daleks....

A River Song figure from The Pandorica Opens, complete with the Pandorica holding chair. This will be out in August.

From Comic Who. They do one of these every week, so be sure to visit them here.

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