Tuesday, 16 August 2011

SFX Teasers for Let's Kill Hitler

SFX has posted some teasers for the approaching episode, Let's Kill Hitler.
“Let’s Kill Hitler” is a dense, surprising, unpredictable, bonkers maelstrom of random ideas with so many standout moments it’s hard to believe it’s not a two parter

On the other hand, it may have worked better as a two parter, because one or two important plot elements seems to come to rather rapid conclusions. Indeed one could have been strung out into a season-long arc plot in itself

It certainly isn’t quite the episode you’d expect following “A Good Man Goes To War”

The excuse for trying to kill Hitler comes from a totally unexpected source

It’s very, very funny. Despite having a few massively dramatic moments, mostly it’s the comedy that’ll linger in the memory

The solution to one problem is pure RTD
The structure is pure Moffat
The banana agenda is back
The rest of the teasers can be viewed here.

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