Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Doctor Who Hidden Messages: Update for The Rebel Flesh

For the last four weeks, the official Doctor Who website has been hiding messages in a feature called the Fourth Dimension, a notes and trivia file for the Series 6 episodes. The messages have been italicized words in each episode page.

Here's what we have so far.
  1. All the secrets you seek can be found here on the Webb
  2. We found your message! you’re alive but what secrets ‘D’you mean my friend?
  3. I mean I glimpsed him! And may the gods help him or perhaps you can
  4. To see what I saw click on the spot beyond the Doctor’s home planet.
By clicking on the period following the word Gallifrey in the final entry, you're taken to a video called Analysis Lessons.

Analysis Lessons is an anagram of Lonely Assassins--another name for the Weeping Angels. Does this mean the Weeping Angels could be appearing later in Series Six or Seven? Maybe. We'll have to see...

Update for the Rebel Flesh: The message for the Rebel Flesh simply read: Message Interrupted.

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