Sunday, 22 May 2011

Return to Satellite Five---Part 2

Here's part two of my fanfiction. 

We get into the lift and it ascends, but not fast enough. I sonic the keypad, and we go even faster, cycling through the Floors at lightning speed. As we near Floor 500, Amy's mobile rings. "Hello?"
"Are you here?" Rory asks.
I snatch the phone. "Yes, get to the lift!"
We come to an abrupt stop, throwing Amy and I off our feet. The doors open and Amy and I grab Rory and Reid as they burst in, pursued by half a dozen Cybermen. I sonic the panel and we descend rapidly. "Are you okay?" Amy asks Rory. He nods.
"I'm fine."
"What about you, Reid?" I ask. "I'm the Doctor, by the way."
"I know, Rory told me." Reid replies.
We are all thrown off our feet as the lift jolts to a stop…at Floor 450. "No, no, no, no, no!" I cry. The doors open to show at least sixteen Cybermen. "You will be taken for upgrading. You will not fight or you will be deleted."
"Okay, we’ll come with you," I say, pushing the glitterguns into a corner with my foot and raising my hands. We follow the Cybermen across the hall to the other lift, taking it back up to Floor 500. "Doctor, do you have a plan?" Amy whispers, holding Reid's hand.
"I'm working on it," I retort.
"Well, hurry up or we're going to be upgraded. And I can guess what that means."
A Cyberman turns its helmeted head towards us. "You will not talk."
"Well sorry," I say.
The lift arrives and the Cybermen group around us as we exit. Floor 500 looks almost the same as it did last time I was here, the only addition is a large cube-shaped chamber built where the Controller used to stand. Four metal arms hang from the ceiling, an array of syringes, lasers, saws, and scalpels on the end of each one—a Cyber-conversion unit. I hear Amy catch her breath behind me as she realizes it too.
We’re lined up in front of it—Amy, Rory, Reid, then me. Amy is led forward, but before she can enter the machine, I whip out my sonic, disabling the converting arms.
“You will be deleted,” The Cybermen began to march towards me, arms outstretched. Amy picks up a piece of scrap metal from the ground and hits one of the Cybermen with it, giving me time to escape to the lift. The doors open and I jump inside, just as Amy is grabbed by the Cybermen. “I’m coming back!” I shout as the doors close.
“You’d better!” Amy retorts. The lift closes and begins to descend. When it stops on Floor 450, I run across the hall to the other lift, where the glitterguns are still heaped in the corner. I grab them and take the lift up to Floor 500, but keep the doors closed. Sonicing the screen in the lift, I hack into the security cameras.
Looking through the smudged, dusty lenses, I see Amy, Rory, and Reid being held by Cybermen, while others work on fixing the conversion unit. “So they got here through the void,” I murmur. “So these must be some of the last Cybermen from Pete’s World.”
Leaving the screen, I replace the sonic in my coat, then pick up the glitterguns. Opening the door, I walk out into the spacious room, ducking behind a large monitor. “What exactly do you expect to gain by upgrading us?” Amy asks.
“You are inferior; you must be upgraded.” A Cyberman replies. I stand up behind the monitor, trying to get Amy and Rory’s attention. Rory, who’s closer to me, notices and nods once. I hold up a glittergun, and he nods again. Knowing what I must do, I raise one of the glitterguns above the monitor, releasing a salvo of gold pellets into the Cybermen holding Rory. When they connect, they explode into showers of gold dust, getting under the Cybus Industries insignia on the chest. It crumples to the ground, and Rory breaks away, catching the glittergun I throw him.
By now the Cybermen have seen us, and begin marching towards us. “You will be deleted,” they chorus. Rory shoots at them, and several fall. “Hey Doctor! Stupid face! Get me out of here!” Amy calls from where she is being dragged towards the almost repaired conversion unit. Rory takes out the Cybermen surrounding her, and she runs over to me. “Got anymore of those guns?” she asks. I give her one, then release Reid. He ducks behind the monitor as Amy, Rory, and I take out the Cybermen. “They should’ve had these back at Canary Wharf!” I exclaim, slapping high-fives.
“Can I go home now?” Reid asks, sticking his head out from behind the monitor.
I beckon him over and take his hands—one flesh, one metal. “There’s no way to be changed back, I’m sorry.” I say.
“But I still want to go home,” Reid insists.
“We’ll get you home, Reid.” Amy assures him.
“Amy, Rory, take Reid back to the TARDIS.” I instruct. Shifting the glittergun, I turn back to her. “And you can take the glitterguns too.” I hand mine to them, and they start towards the lift.
“Wait, aren’t you coming?” Rory asks, stopping.
“Yeah. I’m just making sure this conversion unit can never be used again.”
They take the lift down, leaving me alone. I walk over to the conversion unit, studying the technology. It’s not refined, all the metal pieces pried from the walls of Satellite Five. I begin to work.