Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh

Hello! Sorry this episode review is a bit late. The latest episode of series six aired on Saturday, May 21. As BBC America is a week behind the UK, I won't see the following episode, The Almost People, until June 4. The Rebel Flesh was written by Michael Graham, who previously wrote the Series 2 story Fear Her. The episode was quite good, as well as a bit freaky.

Here's the official synopsis.

A solar tsunami sends the TARDIS hurtling towards a futuristic factory on Earth, where human doppelgangers are used to mine dangerous acid, as the time-travelling adventures continue.
A second wave hits and the "Gangers" separate. They can remember every second of their "originals'" lives and feel every emotion they've ever experienced. But are these memories stolen or have they been bequeathed? Are the Gangers merely faulty machinery that must be shut down or are they living, breathing, sentient beings? Can the Doctor convince the terrified humans to accept these "almost people" and prevent an all-out civil war before the factory explodes? 

It featured another appearance from the mysterious Eye-Patch Lady...
The Doctor looks at the flesh
The episode was concluded with a Ganger of the Doctor stepping out from behind a pillar in the room where the originals were hiding from the angry Gangers.

The Ganger Doctor
Jimmy: This is insane. We're fighting ourselves.
The Doctor: Yes, it's insane. And it's about to get even more insanerer. Is that a word?