Sunday, 22 May 2011

Return To Satellite Five---Part 3

Here's part three. Sorry about the text changing colour at the end; I can't figure out what's making it do that, and I can't get it to stop. Anyway, I'm pleased to announce my writer's block is completely eradicated.

Half an hour later, I take the lift down to where Amy, Rory, and Reid are waiting in the TARDIS. As I approach it, the doors fly open and Reid comes bounding out. “Your box is amazing!” he exclaims.
“I know, isn’t it?” I reply. Then, dropping down to his level, I lean in close. “It’s not just a box. It’s a time machine.”
Reid’s dark brown eyes get huge. “Really?”
I nod and stand, ruffling his hair. “Now, where do you live? I bet your parents will be thrilled to see you.”
Reid’s face falls. “My parents were upgraded,” he says. “They’re dead.”
“I…I’m sorry,” I say, unsure of what else to do. “Do you have any other family?”
A glint of hope appears in his eye. “Yes, my grand-mum. She lives in London.”
“Okay then. We’ll take you to her.”
We enter the TARDIS where Amy and Rory are talking quietly. They spin around when I enter, looking embarrassed. “What?” I ask.
“Nothing, just…nothing.” Amy replies.
“Fine then.” I walk to the console, typing the coordinates for Reid’s grandparents into the spatial location input. We begin to dematerialize, the time rotor rising and falling.
“What’s happening? Are we traveling in time?” Reid inquires, enraptured.
“No, just space. In the time and space vortex.” Amy replies.
“How is it bigger on the inside?”
“It exists in another dimension.” Rory explains.
I pull the scanner over and Reid watches the readings flip as we travel. “Why do you have a bow on?” he asks suddenly.
It’s a bow tie, not a bow. I wear it because it’s cool. Bow ties are cool.” Amy rolls her eyes.
It’s not long before we land in the back room of Reid’s grandparent’s house. “How’s the climate?” I ask. “Can people go outside now?”
Reid nods. “Yeah, it’s improving a bit.” I open the door and he steps out, then hesitates.
Will I see you again?”
I shrug. “You never know.”
“Keep an eye out for us,” Amy replies.
How do I explain all this?” Reid asks, gesturing at his general metal additions.
“Tell them you were very brave.” I reply.
“And don’t try to take it off or anything.” Rory instructs, his nurse side coming out. “It’s part of you.”
“I won’t.” There’s footsteps from another room, and Amy glances at me.
“We should go,” I say. “Thanks for your help.”
“Good luck,” Amy says, then walks into the TARDIS. Rory repeats it, then follows Amy. I smile. “Remember what Amy said. Watch for the magic blue box.”
“I will.” Reid says enthusiastically.
I walk into the TARDIS and bounce up the stairs. “So! Where now?”
“But Doctor, did you ever find out what that shadowy thing was?” Rory asks.
“Yes.” I reply. “It was a sort of virus sent out by the Cybermen, designed to draw in approaching ships.” I set a few levers and swing the scanner over.
“Sort of like a tractor beam?” Amy asks.
“Yes. No. Sort of. If it helps, yes.” I click a few keys on the spatial location input. “So where next? I heard the Lord Predator of Raxacoricofallapatorius, Haralto Wong Bopz Wim-Waldon Arlene, is having a birthday party. I've never been, but they're said to be exceptional. What d'you think, sneaking into a birthday party?
Amy smiles. “Hmm, we'd probably use the physic paper, pretend to be his best friends from Earth. And Gallifrey, but he won't know. Let me guess—the planet's some strange colour?
It's purple. How'd you guess?”
Amy smiles. “Just a hunch.”
I grin and pull the speed lever, sending us hurtling into the ever-spinning winds of the time and space vortex.


  1. Brilliant! I loved the story! Great work! I especially loved how the story was in present tense - it is quite unique as not many other stories are written like this. I love it! It will be greatly considered when I choose the winner.

  2. Thanks!! I wrote it in present tense because that's how I'm writing my other novel (one of them, anyway.)