Wednesday, 13 April 2011

TWO AMYS(maybe)!!!!!

After many analyzations of the newest BBC Doctor Who trailer, my sister and I have discovered something momentous. In the final sequence, Amy spins with a gun and shoots someone behind the Doctor, who looks on, horrified.

Amy shoots
Every time we watched the trailer, my sister said she saw someone behind the Doctor--the person Amy was shooting. We managed to get a screenshot and....

If you look carefully, you can see the same pattern as Amy's shirt, as well as part of her face.

Amy shoots Amy. Either it's a clone....or it's the real Amy, and it's the clone doing the shooting. On April 23, we'll find out!

Now she's gone.


  1. I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Lydia! Thanks for stopping by my home tour last week. You asked about the countertops...they were in the house already but they are just laminate with a tile edging. Very easy to do!