Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Features Coming Soon

This blog is going to have some new features:

Random Facts: Exactly what it sounds like--random facts about the Whoniverse.

UPDATE: The Random Facts has been replaced by Fan-vid Friday

Fan-vid Friday: Every Friday, I'll post a fan-made trailer or music video.

Weekly Whoniverse: A weekly update of strange, interesting, and unusual Whoniverse things from around the web.

Monthly Monster: Every month, there will be an information page on a different monster. I've already posted Weeping Angels and the Silence, but each will get an update as a Monthly Monster.

These features will start appearing on Sunday, 7 August, except for Fan-vid Friday, which will start tomorrow.


  1. sorry, that came out wrong

    the header pic isnt random, i meant i like the header pic