Monday, 25 July 2011

Part 2 Trailer Breakdown

Here's a breakdown of the new trailer:
(Episode 8-Let's Kill Hitler
Episode 9-Night Terrors
Episode 10-The Girl Who Waited
Episode 11-The God Complex)

The Doctor running in the halls of the nightmare hotel in The God Complex

 Amy and Rory ride a motorbike in Let's Kill Hitler

 The Doctor dances in white tie in front of his TARDIS and a swastika, indicating this is in Let's Kill Hitler.
 The Doctor: "My time is running out..."
 He stands in front of a door, presumably in The God Complex...
 Which is numbered eleven, in the eleventh episode, and he's the eleventh Doctor.
 Churchill points a gun at someone.
 Craig is back!
 David Walliams as Gibbis in The God Complex
Daniel Mays in Night Terrors, episode nine.
Madame Kovarian: "And this is where it begins...."
The Doctor: "I'm going to die!"
 An eye (maybe the Minotaur's)
 "Something has happened to time" A voiceover says while someone else (the Doctor, maybe?) looks through something (a keyhole?)
An aged Amy, probably from The Girl Who Waited, episode 10
 Hitler: “Thank you. I think you have just saved my life.”

 Craig: "Doctor, are you going to kiss me?"
The Doctor:"Yes Craig. Yes I am."

Amy in a very strange garden, maybe from episode 10.
 The interior of a spaceship. The man on the far left may be in later clip from the trailer.
 A Nazi building...
 And the TARDIS crashes through the window into an office.
River Song in an Egyptian tomb(?)...with an eyepatch?!
 A Silence in some sort of specimen tank,
 A Cyberman,
Weeping Angels!
One of those creepy dolls from Night Terrors,
A puppet doll from The God Complex
 A handbot from episode 10 opens, looking a lot like a Toclafane,
 A Viking-esque man playing chess...wearing an eyepatch like Kovarian's and River's.
 Minotaur from episode 11
The Silence breaking through a door
The Minotaur traps Rory
The Doctor jumps through a window...
People in what look like spacesuit teleport/beam down.
Rory punches Hitler...
Amy fights a handbot from episode 10
 Gibbis again
Rory dodges a handbot, probably in the same scene as Amy above

Remember the spaceship clip? This might be the man on the far left.
The Doctor tries to hold back Daniel in The God Complex
The Doctor sees his death date on the TARDIS screen, and he's wearing his Stetson (you can tell in the reflection)
Scenes extremely similar to the opening of Series 6, while Madame Kovarian intones, "An impossible astronaut will rise from the deep and strike the Time Lord dead."
The Doctor at Lake Silencio (which translates to Silence)
The Doctor: "Haven't you figured it out yet?"

No, Doctor. We haven't.

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