Thursday, 28 July 2011

More on Episode 10

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have given more information about part two of Series 6.

"I think it's my favorite title of the season so far," Smith said about Let's Kill Hitler. "Alex Kingston [River Song] is on fine fiddle through the episode. She is just brilliant in it. There are some great science-fiction moments where you are going ‘no way!'"

“[There's] this really cool robot/villain [that] goes back in time and fixes people that have done [something] wrong in history.” Karen said. This sounds sort of like a Reaper, from the Series 1 episode Father's Day. However, she could be talking about the Tessalector.

Matt Smith congratulated Karen on her performance in Episode 10, where something "really, really bad" happens to Amy, "And the Doctor is part of it."

The videos from the Comic-Con panel can be seen here.

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